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'I'm a good earner but I've got £90,000 worth of debt. How can I pay it off?'

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'I'm a good earner but I've got £90,000 worth of debt. How can I pay it off?'
Anne Rendle had always been financially stable but has more recently hit on hard times

Financial hardship can befall anyone. Although her finances had been stable in the past, and she had a relatively well-paid job as a buyer at a joinery company, 40-year-old Anne Rendle’s fortunes turned after her marriage broke down.

She started to borrow for a variety of reasons and, including her mortgage, now has debts of almost £90,000. This is made up of a repayment mortgage on her shared ownership property, a personal loan, a credit card, overdraft and money owed to family and friends.

Currently, after all her expenses and repayments are taken into account, she has just £33 left at the end of the month. She knows it will take time to clear her debts, but what is the best strategy to get...

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