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If you love your partner very much, so answer this question

There are so many strange things happening in our lives. Lots of love, happiness, grief, emotions come out during our lives and it all comes out as soon as the condition comes.

If you love your partner very much, so answer this question
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Nowadays we talk about love. In a very short time, each other gets merged very soon. Many partners love each other very much.

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Many people keep pledging to each other in love, so today we ask you a question to see how much you love your partner.

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"There is a boy and a girl who both love each other very much, for some reason the boy gives his heart to his friend and if the heart of a friend is transferred to that boy, then who will the girl love? " Think and give your answer in the comments.

Topic: #grief
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Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Heart's function is to circulate blood.... Not to love...

7 Months ago


that boy who is actually true love of the girl because true love is with soul not with body or heart . u can change only body part of a person but not change his/her soul

7 Months ago


Lov isn't confined to heart only..It consist of soul,personality ,nature , feelings etc.

7 Months ago

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