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If you have this 2 rupees coin then you can earn 3 lakh rupees

If you have this 2 rupees coin then you can earn 3 lakh rupees
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All of you would have remembered the days of childhood when parents used to give us a two-rupee coin while going to school. After getting a two-rupee coin, all the people happily went to school at that time. During that time the significance of one rupee was very high. But in today's time, there is no question of a two-rupee coin. If you give a beggar to a beggar in today's time, then he will shrink his mouth. But you are connected to a coin of 2 rupees. It is known that 2 rupees coin can make your lacquer. If you do not know then let us know today that we are going to tell you about the price of that coin of 2 rupees through this post, which you will be surprised to know about.

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Actually, it is said that a businessman from Andhra Pradesh has a collection of very old coins. The trader, who holds the collection of old coin, puts stalls of old coins at different places in Andhra Pradesh. If this person, who holds the stalls of old coins, had sold an old coin amounting to more than 300,000 rupees. After knowing about coins worth more than 300000, you have also raised the question that what was special in that coin that the price of that coin increased so much.

So let's tell you about it

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If the businessman who sells old coins in Rs. 3 lakhs, then the coin was a vintage coin. The biggest feature of that coin was that it was minted in the year 1973 in the mint of Mumbai. For your information, please tell that Mumbai Mint is one of India's oldest coin-mint mints. It is said that it was constructed during the British rule. For your information, please tell us that the size of the coins, which are deposited in the Mumbai Mint, is made of diamond shape. According to the merchant of the old coins, if you have an old coin, then you can become a Millionaire by that on an online portal.

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r u buying ? if not ,then why u writing such nonsense things.

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it is true if u have 150000 coins it's worth 3lack😀🤣

7 Months ago


fake dont read any news from this author

7 Months ago

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