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If Education Is For Marks, Why Cheating Is Wrong !

In this article we will talk about a very serious topic and that is cheating in exams. Teachers deny cheating in exams but students try to cheat in exams to get good marks.

If Education Is For Marks, Why Cheating Is Wrong !
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Everyone wants students to get more marks but cheating is considered wrong. But my question is that we are supposed just to get marks so why this method is wrong?

We all know that students who have food handwriting get advantage of that. So teachers say that it is their skill and we can use all the skills in exams.

But if any skill can be used then why not cheating skills? Cheating by not being observed is also not easy for any student. So this is also a skill and very difficult skill.

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So now even cameras are also being installed in CBSE schools to stop cheating, but believe me students are cheating even now also. And by doing such things cheating can't be stopped. It can be stopped only by guiding the students.

But guiding does not mean saying to students ' You can cheat here but how will you cheat in real life' and other stupid things. This dies not matter to them.

Just suppose that your actions would be for your present or your 10 year later future. This is the case with them also. But if teachers and parents will give importance to their skills and talents but not their marks and weaknesses then they would not cheat.

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I mean, they will not get any benefit from cheating now as no one cares for marks so why to do so work and take so much risk. Cheating would automatically stop and no cameras are required.

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useless topic, with a useless author

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police exam....

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very true we only study 4 marks not knowledge

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