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Ian Chappell Asks Australians To Skip IPL, Says India Shouldn't Always Push World Cricket

Former Australian cricketer Ian Chappell came forward and said that India should not always decide on international cricketing matters

Ian Chappell Asks Australians To Skip IPL, Says India Shouldn't Always Push World Cricket

Former Australian cricketer Ian Chappell has come forward and expressed his disappointment by saying that India always cannot decide the matters in world cricket and that the time has come for others to stand up as well. This has happened after it was reported that the ICC T20 World Cup 2020 that is scheduled to be held in Australia in October-November might be postponed and IPL 2020 will be played in that period. Meanwhile, Chappell has also asked the Australian players not to participate in the IPL.

'A chance to stand up': Ian Chappell

During a recent interview with an Australian broadcasting channel, the elder Chappell went on to say that he could mount a case more for a peripheral player who doesn’t earn a lot of money in Australia and if the bulk of that player's income is going to come from the IPL, then that is something he would have some sympathy for had he been a Cricket Australia (CA) board member.
However, the ex-batsman also mentioned that if the top players are well paid, then that argument doesn’t hold any water and their obligation should be to Australia. At the same time, the cricketer-turned-commentator/analyst also made it very clear that such a statement is coming from a person like him who has never been a fan of the board, but the top players are looked after very well by Cricket Australia these days and hence, there needs to be an obligation.

Furthermore, he also added that it is also a chance to stand up and say the cricket world is not going to be pushed around by India.

Allan Border slams IPL and BCCI’s interests

Former Australian captain Allan Border recently gave his take regarding the reports of IPL 2020 potentially replacing a global T20 event like the T20 World Cup. In an appearance on ABC's Grandstand Cafe radio program, the 1987 World Cup-winning captain said that he will not agree to any BCCI attempts of replacing the T20 World Cup with the IPL. Allan Border described the all-popular IPL event as a “local competition”, which should never take precedence over any form of international cricket.

Allan Border went ahead and said that if the T20 World Cup cannot go ahead as planned, the IPL 2020 season should not go ahead as well. He believes that replacing the T20 World Cup is simply a “money grab” move on part of the BCCI. Border added that such a move will also send a wrong signal to world cricket, as it would imply to the world that India alone is running the game. He stated that world cricket cannot have one nation alone dictating terms of the international game as it would send the sport down the “wrong path”.

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