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ISRO scientists announced a new good news about Vikram Lander

Hello friends, this is another happy news for all of you because according to the sources, it has been learned that ISRO scientist will try to contact Vikram Lander with the help of NASA scientists. Let us tell you that Vikram Lander is safe but he is leaning from one edge to the other.

ISRO scientists announced a new good news about Vikram Lander
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ISRO scientist Vikram is trying to contact Lander. Let us make it clear to you that ISRO scientists have told that we have not yet been able to contact Vikram Lander, but the effort is still on because lunar day is going on the moon and we have 10 more days left.

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On the second day, ISRO scientists gave us news about the location of Vikram Lander and on the third day we came to know about the position of Vikram Lander. 

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I love NASA but more to ISRO.I missed Vikram the most and so many nights gone without sleeping but never lost heart when Vikram went silent.So many Vikrams will born but not a foreign father or mother is expected at all and let it be.

5 Months ago


i believe that we got good news as soon as possible...proud on u ISRO & NASA...

5 Months ago


Let us here some Good news at the earlist

5 Months ago

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