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IAS officer gets so many facilities other than salary!

Being an IAS officer is a big thing in itself. To become an IAS, you have to work hard day and night. Getting the post of IAS is very proud in itself. However, despite all the powers and prestige, the IAS officer also gets a hefty salary and many perks.

Today we are going to tell you about the facilities available to the IAS officer.

* Government house

An IAS officer gets to live in a duplex bungalow.

* Service quater

When the posting of an IAS officer is in their own city, they get a government house to live.

IAS officer gets so many facilities other than salary!
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* Transportation

IAS officers are given at least 1 and a maximum of 3 official vehicles to go anywhere. They also get a driver to drive the car. These vehicles have blue lights and red light vehicles are also given to the officers appointed in the Chief Secretary scale.

* Security

Along with the IAS officer, their family members also get protection. Officers posted at state headquarters are given 3 home guards and 2 bodyguards.

* Bill

IAS officers do not have to take any kind of bill for common domestic services. For instance, electricity is either given free of heavy subsidies for its official residence.

* travel

IAS officers enjoy subsidized homes in various states, circuit houses, government bungalows or other houses for both official and informal visits.

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* Domestic worker

IAS officers are also given domestic staff to do the housework.

* other benefits

IAS officers are also given many other benefits in the form of PF, gratuity, healthcare services, lifetime pension and various other retirement benefits.

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* Informal benefits

Additionally, IAS officers are invited to all major programs held in the district or their jurisdiction. This includes cricket matches, concerts, parties and other events.

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LUCIFIER, Do you know How difficult to get success in IAS civil service examination ? Next thing, Do you know how stressful the life of IAS officer ? Do you think, in free electricity connection to their duplex bungalow, they are sitting on sofa and watching TV ? Do you think, with govt. provision of bodyguard & Govt. vehicles, the IAS officers are daily going to Shopping Malls ?

2 Months ago

The Boss

wtf is this stupid post...... UC needs to hire people who have atleast some decent knowledge with manageable english.. not some random idiot useless post...

2 Months ago


what so ever they are at least not like politicians who gets salary then also dupe public money that also without qualifying any competitive exam

2 Months ago

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