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I can see how much dedication you have for me

I can see how much dedication you have for me
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True love is when you can openly share your insecurities and,

weaknesses with your love because you know they are here for you in the long run...

When I looked into your eyes I knew that you are the one for me,

It is like magic I cannot explain...

Thank you for seeing the good in me,

I never knew I can find someone who truly loves me the way that I am...

There is no more stronger, healthier, sweeter and

lovelier relationship there is than with your one true love...

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You know that you found the one,

When you think about them gazillion times in a day,

cannot live without them and of course marry them...

I never had a woman who cares so much about me,

I promise to show how much I care, love and be there for you no matter what...

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... only true lover can do this....!

1 Years ago

Pranjali sorde

sooo very romantic I really want one like this [drool]

1 Years ago

Deepa S247

so nice. only true lovers can do this

1 Years ago

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