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Hypertension: 5 yoga poses to control high blood pressure

Try these easy yoga asanas that are effective in relieving stress.

Hypertension: 5 yoga poses to control high blood pressure
Yoga helps in improving your body's overall health. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

High blood pressure is a common condition that has serious health consequences. For instance, it increases the chances of strokes and heart diseases among patients with high blood pressure. Factors like poor diet, obesity, sedentary lifestyle are responsible for high blood pressure.

While medication can help in treating the condition, it’s ideal to exercise and use natural ways as well to control high blood pressure, and hypertension simultaneously. Yoga, in particular, is a good way to stay fit. Here are 5 effective yoga poses (asanas) to control high blood pressure, as suggested by NDTV:

1. Child pose or Balasana

This yoga pose is excellent for improving your blood flow. If you’re a hypertension patient, this will help in relieving you of stress by making you focus on breathing patterns. It also helps in relaxing your shoulders and neck.

2. Sukhasana or easy pose

We all know how a relaxed mind is important for a healthy body. This popular yoga asana helps in calming you down by regulating your breathing pattern. In addition, it also helps in improving your body posture.

3. Shavasana

This one would probably be everyone’s favourite. Popularly known as the corpse pose, shavasana is all about relaxation. It actually is all about meditation and helps in calming your nerves, reducing headaches, and relieving your mind of stress. It ultimately helps in controlling high blood pressure.

4. Cobra pose

Also known as Bhujangasana, the cobra pose enhances blood circulation in your body, thereby improving oxygen supply. This pose is good for asthma patients and is beneficial for heart health. In addition to all this, it’s a good pose to relieve stress.

5. Bridge pose

The bridge pose is ideal for people looking to manage mild depression. Apart from this, it helps in relieving anxiety, and is effective for managing menstrual pain and fatigue. The bridge pose is also beneficial in regulating blood pressure.

It must be noted that while yoga is effective in relieving stress and high blood pressure naturally, visits to doctor must not be ignored. Check if you can add yoga to your routine by consulting your doctor.

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