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Hyderabad: Cow stuck in ditch for 3 days

Local residents feed bovine till help arrived.

Hyderabad: Cow stuck in ditch for 3 days
It took the PFA volunteers six hours to rescue the cow from the hole.

Hyderabad: Residents of Nagole and volunteers from a city-based animal welfare group rescued a cow which fell into a 12-foot ditch three days ago.

Residents said that they were feeding the cow grass, chapatis and water. Because it was large in size, they could not take it out without heavy equipment.

Mr Dattatreya Joshi of the People for Animals (PFA), said, “We received a call saying that a cow was stuck in a hole from the last three days. We reached the spot with our volunteers Taqvi, Mirza, Gopal reddy and Abhinav. The cow looked scared and anxious.”

The volunteers dug around the ditch on Saturday and made an opening for the cow to walk out.

“Our volunteers started digging at about 5 in the evening and we were able to take out the cow at about 11 pm. We didn't use any crane or mechanical instrument because it would have scared the cow and caused it more injuries. It has been shifted to an emergency rescue home Begum Bazaar, Mr Joshi said.

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