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Huawei worked with Meitu to improve its camera algorithm!

At the 2019 Huawei Developer Conference, Huawei not only unveiled its self-developed HarmonyOS, but the company also shared some of its emerging technologies. One of the disclosure bothers on Huawei phone’s camera system. There is no arguing that Huawei phones have one of the best cameras around. Details have emerged that Huawei worked with Meitu to develop its camera algorithm.

Huawei worked with Meitu to improve its camera algorithm!

According to the Securities Times (via IThomes), Meitu announced during the 2019 Huawei Developer Conference that in order to further meet the user’s professional needs, it has cooperated with Huawei to provide access to System-level camera algorithms. This is also in a bid to provide a better Meitu camera experience. The cooperation isn’t beneficial to Meitu alone, as Huawei’s technology head is quoted to have said that “The strength and status of Meitu in the optimisation industry is undoubted. The Huawei exec also hinted that most Huawei phone users use Meitu camera software so the tech giant invited Meitu’s team to make special optimization and enhancement to its camera app.

Meitu is well-known for its beauty algorithms and imaging patents. Until recently, the company was known for making selfie beautifying apps but later started making phones with selfie-centric smartphones. The smartphone arm has been sold to Xiaomi but Meitu’s camera optimization algorithm is still widely popular. Apart from Huawei, Xiaomi has also teamed up with Meitu to develop its phone camera software.


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