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Huawei first foldable smartphone will be launched soon

Huawei first foldable smartphone will be launched soon
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Huawei Consumer Business CEO Richard Yu recently told reporters at IFA 2019 that the company could launch its first folding flexible screen Metax phone early next month and the smartphone was initially launched in June this year. 

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According to XBA developers Richard Yu has also said that the Kirin 990 chipset is given in it and it was announced recently. In this version, we are considering to bring the phone soon. After this test, Huawei Mate X has passed 3 certificates and network access license. While the display of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is 3.3 inches from the unfolded state, the Huawei Mate X measures 4.6 inches. After it is folded, the display measures in with 4.6 inches and 7.3 inches respectively.

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After Huawei's folded smartphone, a 4.6-inch screen is available. After opening the same fold, it comes with a 7.3-inch screen. This smartphone will be launched first in China and after that this smartphone is likely to be launched more globally in India. The price of this smartphone has not been determined and this smartphone will be made available soon with strong specifications.

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