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How to know who has saved your mobile number?

How to know who has saved your mobile number?

Today, in this article I am going to tell you whether your friends have saved your friends in your mobile or not.

How to know who has saved your mobile number?
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To get this information you will first have to create a new broadcast group in your mobile app on WhatsApp.

1 First of all, you have to open WhatsApp in your mobile, then you have to open a three dot menu in the right side corner, you will see a new broadcast option, select it.

After selecting the new broadcast option, all the contact number of your mobile will be shown.

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3 If you create any group in the WhatsApp application, then there is a limit to that application, you can select from only 256 contact numbers. If you have total 256 contact numbers or less in your mobile, then select all contact numbers! If there are more than 256 contact numbers, then this process will have to be done by creating a new Broadcast Group.

4 After selecting all 256 contacts, give any name to your Broadcast Group.

5 Now, whatever message you send to this group, the message will go to all your friends personally in their mobile. They will not even know that the messages you have sent to them have been sent by making a group. Your reply to your message will be sent to your friends.

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6 Now you have to find out which of your friends have saved your mobile number or not.

7 First you send hello or good morning message to the Broadcast Group. As soon as you send the message, whose mobile will be Internet activated and your contact number will be saved in your mobile, your message will reach them! Those who have not received your Whatsapp Message in their mobile have not saved their mobile number.

8 If you have not saved your mobile number, send them personal message. You will see that the message that you sent the message to all the people has not reached their mobile and the message that you send the message to has been reached.

9 If those friends are closer to you then you can ask Confidence that you have not saved my mobile number in your mobile. That answer will come to that person, yes yes I am still saved.

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10 Broadcast groups have these advantages that you can send at least 256 people in a single message in a few seconds. Such as Good Morning, Good Night or Happy New Year or whatever special messages.

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