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How much property Arun Jaitley has left for his family after his death

Bharatiya Janata Party veteran and former finance minister Arun Jaitley died on Saturday in AIIMS, Delhi. Arun Jaitley was ill for a long time and was undergoing treatment at AIIMS. After deteriorating health, Jaitley was first put on ventilator and later on life support system. During the recruitment of AIIMS, besides the big leaders of BJP, leaders of many other parties also came to meet them. Arun Jaitley was recognized as a knowledgeable and experienced political leader of the law. It was Arun Jaitley who played an effective role in implementing the One Nation-One Tax. Let us know how much wealth Arun Jaitley has left for his family.

How much property Arun Jaitley has left for his family after his death
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Jaitley was the owner of 111 crore assets

According to information received from ADR, Arun Jaitley was the owner of assets worth around 111 crores, 66 lakhs. According to the affidavit given to the Election Commission in 2018, Arun Jaitley had a cash of about Rs 10 lakh and his wife had Rs 5 lakh. Apart from this, both have bank deposits of about Rs 19 crore in 8 bank accounts. Arun Jaitley also had a debt of about 8 crore rupees. Jaitley and his wife had deposited around Rs 52 lakh in PPF.

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8 crore loan was taken from the bank

Arun Jaitley owns two Mercedes and a Toyoda Fortuner, which are worth around Rs 1 crore, 68 lakhs. Arun Jaitley and his wife also have jewels worth around one crore, 61 lakh rupees in total. Apart from these, there are commercial buildings worth about Rs 12 crore, residential buildings worth Rs 64 crore 40 lakh and non-agricultural land worth Rs 90 lakh in the name of Arun Jaitley and his wife. Arun Jaitley had taken a loan of about 8 crore 69 lakh rupees from the bank.

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Arun Jaitley was on ECMO in AIIMS

Let us tell you that the condition of former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley admitted to AIIMS in Delhi was very critical. He was admitted to AIIMS on 9 August. After worsening health, Arun Jaitley was removed from the ventilator and placed on ECMO (Extra Corporate Membrane Oxygenation), also known as Extra Corporate Life Support. The system is an extracorporeal technique to provide long-term cardiac activity and breathing support to patients whose heart and lungs are unable to function to maintain life. Late last night, Home Minister Amit Shah also reached AIIMS to know Arun Jaitley's condition.

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Shah said, personal loss for me

On the death of Arun Jaitley, Home Minister Amit Shah tweeted, 'I am deeply saddened by the death of Arun Jaitley. Arun Jaitley's departure is a personal loss for me. As him, I have lost not only a senior leader of the organization but also an integral member of the family whose support and guidance I have been receiving for years. It was a pleasant experience for everyone to meet and discuss Jaitley with a happy personality. Today his departure has brought such a vacancy in the country's politics and the Bharatiya Janata Party, which is not possible to be replenished soon. Arun Jaitley, with his unique experience and rare ability, has handled various responsibilities in the organization and government. An ardent speaker and dedicated activist, Arun ji has held important positions like Finance Minister, Defense Minister and Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha with full skill. '

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Family appeals to PM's foreign tour

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while expressing grief over the death of Arun Jaitley, tweeted, 'Jaitley was a political veteran who was intellectually and legally strong. He was an outspoken leader who made lasting contributions. His departure is very sad. Talked and expressed condolences to Arun Jaitley's wife Sangeeta and son Rohan. Let us tell you that PM Narendra Modi is currently on his foreign tour. When he spoke to Arun Jaitley's wife and son, they appealed to the Prime Minister not to cancel his foreign tour. PM Narendra Modi arrived in the UAE late Friday after completing a two-day tour of France.

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This Arun Jaitley declared only 2 Crores in Nomination papers of 2014.. ??? How this 2 Crores could become 111 declared assets.. how much is the Undeclared assets...??? CHOR-CHOR Modi Mahachor MODI Mahafraud MODI antinationalist MODI SHAMELESS MODI SAFFRON TERRORIST MODI Desh-dhrohi Modi Desh-dhrohi RSS Desh-dhrohi BJP Desh-dhrohi Modi Desh-dhrohi RSS Desh-dhrohi BJP Desh-dhrohi Godse Parivaar MODI-MUKT India RSS-Mukt India BJP-Mukt India MODI-MUKT INDIA RSS-MUKT INDIA BJP-MUKT INDIA

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