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How To Know That You Are Dating A Miser

How To Know That You Are Dating A Miser

When you start dating, you come across many different types of people. Some are willing to lavishly spend, while others think twice before spending on the smallest of things.We all wish that our partner turns out to be from the former category, don't we? Dating a guy who is a miser may irritate you to a lot of extent, as the person might not be able to fulfill your wishes nor get you anything that you have been wishing for.But, one should remember that dating a miser is not all that bad, as the guy is saving up for your future.Generally, you would see a guy turn into a miser due to certain circumstances. It can be due to his financial background or just the way he's been brought up.Here are some ways to know that you are dating a miser.

1.Money Does Not Bring Happiness To Him: These guys generally preach that money does not give you happiness. This way, they try to lower their lady's urge for buying and impose their concepts of happiness.

2.Leaving Tips Is Not His Thing: He does not prefer to leave tips when you people dine, as he generally believes that a penny saved is a penny earned. These kinds of small acts of greediness do give you an idea about the nature of the person.

3.Prefers Splitting The Bill: It's been a few months now that you have got into the relationship, yet he prefers to split the bill with you. Either he is a miser or he is a person who believes in gender equality. Both the reasons just go to show his thinking!

4.Visits Empty-Handed: Every time you meet him, he is empty-handed. When you invite him for dinner or a date, as a gesture of courtesy, he is supposed to get flowers or something; however, he chooses not to.

5.He Demands A Financial Report: When he starts keeping a track of your personal expenses and expects you to give an explanation about your expenses, then it is a sure sign that he is a miser.

These are the ways to know that you are dating a miser.

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