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How To Be Choosing Between Two Guys

How To Be Choosing Between Two Guys

It may sometimes happen to any of us. We might get confused about whom to choose when two men show interest in starting a relationship.Okay, so these two guys are close to you. They talk well and treat you well. And yes, they may propose you soon. So, it is time to decide whom to say yes.Generally, your heart will always give you the right answer. But if you are not yet still in that phase where you adore one of the two men, then it is time, you rely on your mind.Here are some ways to be choosing between two guys.

1.Know As Much As Possible: Starting a relationship could turn out to be a gamble if you don't know anything about the person. So, dig into the details and know as much as possible about both of them. Try to get a background check done.

2.Know About Their Future Plans: When you have a conversation with them, try to know about their future plans. Do you fit into them? Suppose if a guy says that he wishes to work in a ship, you might or might not like the idea as you might have to miss him for at least 6 months a year. Are you ready for it?

3.Don't Shy Away From Asking About The Facts: Of course, you don't need to ask about his ex but it is your right to know whether he is totally out of any past relationships, marriages or other legal entanglements before he marries you.

4.Any Red Flags? See whether a psycho is lurking behind the good exterior of that person. If any of them is trying to be too nice with you or trying to pretend like a good man then you must first suspect that person. But don't jump into conclusion. Just take more time to study such people as you may want to eliminate a psycho path.

5.When You Date, Keep Studying: Keep studying their behavior and see how you are getting along when you go out for a date. Is he arguing at the drop of the hat? Is he treating you well but shouting at waiters in hotels? Look for such clues which might indicate that he isn't a nice chap.

6.Does He Make You Feel Beautiful? Out of both of them, who makes you feel loved? Who makes you feel beautiful? This is one point to consider.

7.Do You Feel Awkward In The Silences? During a conversation, you don't need to keep chattering all the time. So, during the silent phases, do you feel comfortable? Or do you feel awkward? You can live comfortably with a guy with whom even silence seems to be beautiful.

8.Who Is Well Settled? Let us be frank. Though money isn't the only criteria, it is good to settle down with man who can show you a secure future.

These are the ways to be choosing between two gys.

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