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How Do Astronauts Eat In Space? Know It

How Do Astronauts Eat In Space? Know It

We all know the fact that the gravitational force in space is negligible. So due to this reason, every object which is present in the space floats in the air.

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You must have also seen it in the video of a space mission that space scientists are also seen flying in a spacecraft. Now the question arises that how do astronauts eat their food? In this article, we will find the answer to this question. Before proceeding, let us tell you that if you want more such interesting information in your feed, then please follow us by pressing the "Follow" button.

Food Preservation

Image: nasa.gov

Food items are either partially or completely dehydrated to protect them from spoilage. The meals are exposed to the radiation before being placed in the spacecraft to give them a longer life inside the spacecraft. Astronauts use a forced-air convection oven to re hydrate and heat the meals to temperatures of 160 and 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Way To Eat

Astronauts eat with the same schedule as they have the earth. They eat three times a day (in 24 hours).

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The food items are placed in the locker tray and placed in the same order in which the astronaut has to eat during the day.

Image: abc.net.au

At mealtime, astronauts arrive in the gallery area in the mid-deck of the shuttle and pour hot water over frozen food items and dehydrated beverages. Space passengers receive both hot and cold water from the rehydration centre in the shuttle.

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