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Historical facts about Albert Einstein

Einstein created modern physics with 4 papers in 1 year, 1905

In 1905, Einstein published four important papers on physics. These were papers that would change physics in the 20th century forever and change the course of life.

Historical facts about Albert Einstein
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Albert Einstein read Euclid and Kant at the age of ten.

Einstein was born in 1879 in a Jewish family living in Germany.

When Einstein was only 10 years old, he was introduced to the philosophical Immanuel Kant's writing and Euclid's geometry.

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Albert Einstein persuaded FDR to make nuclear bombs

The truth is that before the start of World War II, Einstein was contacted by European scientists who warned that Germany is developing a nuclear weapon. This was the first time Einstein imagined the possibility of nuclear weapons.

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Einstein contributed to a letter written to President Roosevelt in which it was suggested that the United States should start nuclear weapons research so that they could build nuclear weapons before the Germans.

Albert Einstein took his first entrance exam in college in 1895

In 1895, when Einstein was only 16 years old, he completed the entrance examination of the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zurich, Switzerland. He achieved good grades in mathematics and physics, but failed in the normal part of the examination.

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In 1900, Albert Einstein graduated from Zurich Polytechnic with a degree of teaching. He became a Swiss citizen in 1901. Einstein worked as a subsidiary patent examiner

In 1903, Albert Einstein did not receive a teaching job. Finally, after the publication of his letters in 1905, in 1905, he was appointed as a lecturer at Bern University.

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In 1909, Einstein received a professor degree in Zurich University.

Einstein's theory of relativity was proved during a solar eclipse in 1919, due to which he became famous all over the world.

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