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Habits to Stop Now for Quicker Weight Loss

Habits to Stop Now for Quicker Weight Loss

Weight loss- a lot of people either think about it all the time or actively do things to shed a few pounds. You can do a lot of exercise, have an active lifestyle and still wonder what’s going wrong that you do not seem to lose any weight. You can even cut down on the amount of food you take and still not see any difference on the weighing scale. Instead of focusing solely on what must be done right to lose weight, you should also start worrying and thinking about what you are doing wrong that you just don’t seem to lose weight. Here is a list of habits that you might be having or practicing that keep sabotaging your weight loss efforts. You should take care to stop them or at least take counter measures to make sure your weight loss efforts are a success.

1.Skipping breakfast

A lot of people skip breakfast because they are either too busy or because they are trying to cut down the calorie intake. Having a healthy breakfast is very important and becomes doubly important when you are planning on losing weight. It not only helps start our day better but also gives you energy for the rest of the day. Having a full stomach in the morning also helps you not gorge on food the rest of the day.

2.Starving the whole day and stuffing yourself in the night

Sometimes you try very hard not to eat anything throughout the day but you give up at the end of the day and stuff your face with anything you can lay your hands on. This is one of the worst habits you can have. You not only eat a lot, but you also end up eating at the end of the day when you won’t be getting any exercise or chance to burn all those extra calories.

3.Chugging on beer and alcohol

You may not be eating much when you are drinking but the beer and the alcohol you are putting inside of you gets stored as fat. You are definitely not helping your weight loss efforts when you are drinking a lot.


Grazing is when you have to take something out of the fridge or the kitchen counter every time you walk past. At times the habit is so ingrained that you would be doing it unconsciously. Make sure you do not keep eating whenever you feel like it. Also do not go on binge eating when you are feeling low or when you are too happy.

5.Rewarding yourself after a very strenuous exercise or after shedding a few pounds

When you have run a few miles or run more miles than you possibly thought you could, you either skip exercise for a few days or you end up eating a little bit more. Stop doing this before this turns into a habit as this will surely not help with your weight loss efforts.

6.Not following a routine in your exercise and eating habits

You can eat small meals as many times a day but what is important is that you have a routine. Exercise around the same time every day, Develop some good habits so you will keep the bad habits at bay.

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