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Ghosts are often seen in these 6 places of Haridwar, no. 1 is a famous place...

Ghosts are often seen in these 6 places of Haridwar, no. 1 is a famous place...
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Today we tell you about our 6 places in Haridwar where people have often seen ghosts. Let us tell you that whenever you go to Haridwar, be very careful about the places mentioned here. Because in ignorance you can put your life at risk.

6. Piran Kaliyar Sharif:

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Let us tell you that his place of Haridwar is famous only for ghosts & ghost spirits. The person who goes here should take care of himself. Although everything remains right inside the dargah, but much is told in the air outside.

5. The route from Haridwar to Rishikesh:

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Do you know the path from Haridwar to Rishikesh is surrounded by mountains & forests from all sides. This road is so dangerous that accidents often happen here. Once this place belonged to them, but today man has surrounded this place. Therefore, the souls living here are angry with humans.

4. Rishi Ashram:

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The Rishi Ashram is a safe place, but the forest around it is very dangerous. Here if you ever get stuck at night, then you will need help as soon as possible. The kind of activities performed here is said to be the best place for such powers.

3. Vishnu Ghat:

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Let us tell you that some strange powers have told us that some strange powers exist on the Vishnu Ghat. Friends, actually there were tantric activities here before & even today such powers exist here. These things do not say anything to anyone, unless someone calls them.

2. Birla Ghat:

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This ghat is very famous for Ganga Aarti. When you come here, you will really feel like you are in heaven. But there is also a time when some phantom spirits become more powerful at Birla Ghat, so one should roam here from time to time.

1. Jungle of Mansa Devi:

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Whenever you visit the temple of Mansa Devi, you will see that there are a lot of forests on the way here. Many times here people have told that evil spirits come out on some special nights. So it is forbidden to stay at this place at night

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most adventures places and interesting.....i lov these places

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dat ke age Jeet hai

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don't dare to go there

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