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Get From Dehradun to Delhi at Lightning Fast Speed

The expressway has got the nod

Get From Dehradun to Delhi at Lightning Fast Speed

The hills of Uttarakhand will now just be 2.5 hours away from Delhi. With a series of constructions of expressways in the country, another one is set to join the league. The Delhi-Dehradun elevated expressway, which has got the nod from the Centre, is expected to reduce the time of the journey by half, that is, two-and-a-half hours. Currently, the distance between Dehradun and Delhi is almost 250 kms and it takes over five hours to cover the same. Post the construction of the elevated expressway, the distance is expected to reduce to a mere 180 kms which can be covered in about half the current time. The fastest train to Dehradun, the Shatabdi, takes about six hours from Delhi.

The construction work for the elevated expressway is expected to begin soon.

Tourism will get a big boost with this and the Delhi-Dehradun expressway may prove to be a milestone, giving impetus to economic development, say media reports. An elevated road on the route and a new tunnel near Mohand on the outskirts of Dehradun are also part of the project.

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