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General Knowledge: Know The Answers To These Questions(Part-5)

Question: What is 'Upper House' of an Indian Parliament?

Answer: The Rajya Sabha

Question: In which house of an 'Indian Parliament' the finance bill is introduced?

Answer: The Lok Sabha

Question: In which city, the first-ever Indian police museum will be established?

Answer: Delhi

General Knowledge: Know The Answers To These Questions(Part-5)
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Question: Which animal has nine brains and three hearts?

Answer: Octopus

Question: Which gas is found in the highest amount in the Sun?

Answer: Hydrogen

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Question: What is the full name of JIO?

Answer: 'Joint Implementation Opportunities'

Question: Who appoints the governor of a state?

Answer: The president of india

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Question: Which sea do not have any fish?

Answer: Dead sea

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i know a fish that can walk, one that can fly, one that lives on land, and one that climbs tree.

9 Months ago

Vagital Dude

Amazing questions. thanks for spreading knowledge

9 Months ago


Thanks for the infon

9 Months ago

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