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'Game changer!' Vegans rejoice as M&S launches egg-free coleslaw and claim it's BETTER than the real thing - but does it live up to the hype in Femail's taste test?

Three Femail writers try the vegan salad in a blind taste test M&S has launched a vegan coleslaw as part of the Plant Kitchen range in store The side is made using soy milk instead of mayonnaise making it vegan friendly The £1.50 Coleslaw has proven a hit with vegans, gushing over the salad Many claim that the vegan version tastes better than a standard coleslaw

Vegan shoppers have gone into meltdown over the launch of M&S egg-free coleslaw - claiming it tastes better than the real deal.

The vegan version of its kind the salad is part of the store's Plant Kitchen range which contains no animal products whatsoever.

And the relish has proven popular with its target audience who have taken to social media to leave gushing reviews of the product.

The innovative vegan coleslaw took months to perfect, researching and testing numerous different recipes.

The exclusive final recipe uses soy milk for the mayonnaise, creating a coleslaw that many have struggled to believe is vegan, taking to social media to share their praise.

'Game changer!' Vegans rejoice as M&S launches egg-free coleslaw and claim it's BETTER than the real thing - but does it live up to the hype in Femail's taste test?
M&S has won praise from the vegan community for its Plant Kitchen Coleslaw that is made using soya milk rather than mayonnaise. Pictured: A snap taken by Instagram user allthingsveganuk
The user allthingsveganuk described the salad as a 'game changer' claiming she couldn't tell the difference between this and non-vegan coleslaw

One highly impressed Twitter user wrote: 'The coleslaw is insane, you wouldn't know it's vegan!'

Another agreed adding: 'Holy mother of god, @marksandspencer vegan coleslaw is incredible.'

And sharing snaps of her 'ham' and coleslaw sandwich Instagram user Chlobee_x shared her review.

Sharing snaps of her 'ham' and coleslaw sandwich Instagram user Chlobee_x shared her review
Social media users have gushed over the new edition, claiming that it tastes better than the standard coleslaw

She wrote: 'Ok, ok. My mind is f***ing blown This isn't just coleslaw, this is f***ing M&S vegan coleslaw which tastes exactly the bloody same!!

'Who knew I'd be able to still have ham and coleslaw sandwiches vegan... Best. Thing. Ever!'

Plant Kitchen Product Developer Katie Squire who was responsible for the creating the coleslaw says: 'For vegans, this is the holy grail. When testing the final recipe, the main reaction was 'I can't believe this is vegan-friendly' – so we knew we had cracked it!'

M&S Coleslaw is in the fact the eighth best-selling line out of all food products sold at M&S, bought by a whopping 3.7million customers per year

Plant Kitchen Vegan Coleslaw is currently in the top 3 bestselling Plant Kitchen dishes, along with the Cauliflower Popcorn Bites and No Beef Burger

The coleslaw is also a big hit with Paddy McGuiness, who has picked it as his favourite product out of the new Plant Kitchen range.


Three Femail writers put the popular salad to the test, pitting the Plant Kitchen Vegan Coleslaw (£1.50 per 225g) against the M&S Traditional Coleslaw (£1.20 per 255g).

Three non-vegan Femail writers blind taste tested the Plant Kitchen Coleslaw against M&S's Traditional Coleslaw

The taste test was conducted blind, so can these non-vegans tell the difference between the two?

Martha said that while she couldn't tell the Plant Kitchen product was vegan she preferred the creamy texture of the traditional coleslaw


Traditional Coleslaw: This is a very good coleslaw that certainly tastes like the real deal. There is more dressing in this take, which can be good or bad depending on how you like your slaw (for me good, very good). It just has a richer sense over all which is a big yes from me.

Plant Kitchen Coleslaw: The first thing I noticed was that it was quite pungent which is not something I usually find with coleslaw. It has the making of a half-decent slaw, creamy with a slightly sour kick - I would compare it to an unwanted side of cheap slaw in a pub.

Despite it being a blind test the glowing yellow colour for me sort of gave away that something was amiss. However, I honestly would not be able to tell this was vegan - which is hard to say for someone who is vehemently not vegan.

Winner - Traditional

Keiligh preferred the vegan coleslaw as she felt she could eat more of it


Traditional Coleslaw: I think this is the non-vegan product. It tasted creamier and richer.

There was a good amount of crunch to the vegetables and that signature slightly sour taste to it. A good balance, but I wouldn't want to eat a bowl full of it.

Plant Kitchen Coleslaw: This tasted sharper, and the consistency was less creamy. It was equally crunchy although, rather off-puttingly, it was more yellow in colour. On balance I probably prefer this one as I don't like overly creamy tasting things and so I could eat more of this one.

Winner - Vegan

Unity said that the 'translucent sheen' of the vegan coleslaw gave it away


Traditional Coleslaw: Creamy, tangy and slightly cheesy. I liked how thinly shredded the carrot was too.

Plant Kitchen Coleslaw: Had a harrowing translucent sheen to it. Gloopy and less flavoursome. I think this is the vegan one!

Winner - Traditional


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