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GM says coronavirus won't affect Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra production

GM says coronavirus won't affect Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra production
GM says all is well for now. Chevrolet

Despite red flags from a local UAW union reportedly posted to social media, has affirmed and production will not be impacted by the ongoing outbreak in China.

The story began Friday after UAW Local 598, which represents workers at the GM assembly plant in Flint, Michigan, reportedly posted to social media updating members about potential parts shortages. first reported on the social media post, which Roadshow was unable to verify. The union did not immediately return a request for comment and it's unclear if the post has been taken down.

A GM representative told Roadshow, "We do not anticipate any impact on full-size truck production at this time." They added, "the situation is still quite fluid, but GM, other automakers and suppliers have begun the process of restarting vehicle and parts production in China."

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The automaker plans to continue monitoring the situation and remains in close contact with Tier One suppliers to "mitigate risks to production in North America."

It's a different picture according to the Local 598 post. "(The materials department has) given up on their everything is fine message," the post reportedly read. "In February, we have parts that potentially will be impacted." The message apparently continued to say there will be "more significant parts impacted" in March, such as trailer harnesses.

The other two plants named were those in Arlington, Texas, and Fort Wayne, Indiana. The former builds GM's full-size : , , and . The latter handles the majority of Silverado and production. Flint, meanwhile, builds the Silverado and Sierra HD models, as well as crew and regular cab 1500 models.

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