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GDP Of Pakistan, You Can't Believe It !

Well, we all think that Pakistan is going to be destroyed economically. Well the status of Pakistan is not very good but this is not extremely bad as we thought.

Well, the GDP of Pakistan is 40th largest country by GDP in the world. Well, it is really big and the amount is $312.5 billion. You can imagine that it is bigger than our thoughts. But the leadership there is not good so it may be destroyed very soon.

GDP Of Pakistan, You Can't Believe It !
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India me kitney bikharee hain

16 Days ago

Embee Shiru

India is getting only richer in hate. The country who minorities are suppressed and troubled can not progress. The Hindutva theory will take it 5000 years back old stone age where humanity is finished!!

14 Days ago


Indian rich people are greedy they hardly think for Indian poor people.

16 Days ago

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