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Funny Illustrations that depict the Difficulties in our everyday Life

Lot of things happen in our everyday life. Many of us face some difficulties that are very common as well as irritating. Heavy rain during travel, illness or even tasteless foods may make our day very bad. Here are some hilarious illustrations that show the difficulties that we face in our everyday life:

1. Earphones:

Funny Illustrations that depict the Difficulties in our everyday Life
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We usually carry earphones in our bag. The wires of earphones look neat and good before keeping inside the hand bag but it obviously gets twisted once after placing inside the bag. So, we have to follow some tricks to prevent the wires from getting twisted.

2. Banana Fruit:

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Everyone likes to eat banana fruit because of its taste and health benefits. However, we have to be very careful while choosing bananas from stores else soon they may get decayed as shown in the above image.

3. Aging:

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During our teenage period, we usually love to get older but once after crossing the age of 30, we again wish to go back to teenage days. Life is full of desires and expectations from birth to death.

4. Bank opening hours Vs Office timing:

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Most of the employees would have experienced the problem shown in the above illustration. We usually don’t get free time during bank’s opening hours. Whenever we get a free time or holiday from office, banks will be closed.

5. Ticket Booking for a Movie:

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If you are really unlucky, then you will get seats behind the tallest people inside the theater. You may get some other disturbances while watching a movie like irritating perfume smell from nearby people or over chillness from AC.

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