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Fruits in, junk food out

Fruits in, junk food out
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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: It is that time of the year when cotton clothes and flip-flops see daylight. Along with outerwear, what goes in our bodies play an important role in beating the heat.

As the chances of dehydration, constipation, viral fever and indigestion is high during the summer season, dieticians advise certain types of food intake to keep the body fit and healthy. Varieties of seasonal fruits and vegetables must be consumed. Health experts advise to avoid fried food as it has the tendency to heat up the body.

"Fruits are preferred over fruit juices as the quality of water and the sugar added may not be hygienic," said Sreejith N Kumar, national convenor of IMA Food Safety. A pinch of salt should be added to juices as salt content is lost through sweat.

Seasonal fruits like watermelon is another summer staple which keeps one hydrated as it is a water-rich fruit. Vegetables produced locally is recommended. Leftover food such as fried rice should not be consumed the following day. Eating junk food should be minimised. Cooked and raw food must be kept separately.

"Food should be cooked at a temperature above 65 degrees as it kills microorganisms," said Lakshmi Sheetal, dietician.

Fabric to beat the heat

In terms of clothing, summer spells cotton, rayon and linen. Palazzos in light and vibrant colours are super comfortable in summer.

Youngsters prefer stylish wear which is simultaneously comfortable. "Loose clothes such as a cotton tunic is a good option," says Sobha Balachander of Darzi.

The latest edition is the mulmul collection, a softly spun cotton yarn. A light and fine material, it is suitable for dry weather. Sheer cotton in kurtas is another option.

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