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Foul-mouthed girls set shirts on fire near bushland

Two foul-mouthed teenage girls have hurled abuse after being confronted while lighting their clothes on fire next to bushland in WA.

A man has caught two foul-mouthed teenage girls lighting their clothes on fire next to bushland in rural Western Australia during a total fire ban.

Video published by The Daily Mail shows Scott Langley pulling up next to the two girls in Oakford, south of Perth, on Tuesday evening as they burn their school sports shirts.

“What the f*** are you doing?” he asks.

“We had to burn our clothes …” one girl says, trailing off and turning away.

He gets out of the car and begins to extinguish the fire.

“No, don’t f***ing burn your clothes,” he says.

“Put it out — it’s a complete fire ban — don’t burn your clothes on the side of the f***ing road. Are you absolutely f***ing retarded?”

He asks the girls where they live.

“It doesn’t f***ing matter where we live,” the second girl says.

He tells them to go home.

“You go f***ing home,” the girl says.

Foul-mouthed girls set shirts on fire near bushland

Scott Langley confronted the girls in Oakford, south of Perth.Source:Supplied

They were burning their sports shirts next to bushland.Source:Supplied

He got out of the car and extinguished the blaze.Source:Supplied

Mr Langley told The Daily Mail he believed the girls were about 14.

He said the area was surrounded by thick scrub and it was still about 27C at the time.

“We have had some serious bushfires over the past few years in this area and have seen two or three smaller bush fires in the past week in surrounding areas,” he said.

The Oakford local said he felt compelled to step in due to the “unprecedented” bushfire crisis unfolding across the country.

“It’s not something I expected to be doing on a Tuesday night, but with the current situation … I couldn’t stand by,” he said.

It comes as two bushfires threaten lives and homes in the Geraldton area in WA’s midwest region.

Shortly after an emergency alert was issued for the southern part of Utakarra on Wednesday afternoon, another was issued for coastal Glenfield and neighbouring Drummond Cove.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services says lives and homes are in danger.

The Utakarra blaze is moving fast, and is out of control and unpredictable, while the other fire is moving in a south westerly direction.

Roads have been closed and motorists are asked to avoid the areas.

In NSW, more than 300 homes have been severely damaged or destroyed since Friday.

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