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Former WWE Champion Sheamus’ Return In Jeopardy For Unknown Reasons

Former WWE Champion Sheamus’ Return In Jeopardy For Unknown Reasons

There have been major speculations about from in-ring competition, in recent times. He hasn’t wrestled since WrestleMania 35 that fuelled up rumors of his sudden retirement. But he’s ready to be back as per claiming from recent interviews. The Celtic Warrior spoke about being hopeful for a WWE return and start in the company.

But the comeback process may have suffered a sudden halt due to some unknown reasons. Sheamus was hopeful of returning as soon as WWE would give him a call. But that one ring from the Stamford area code is yet to be heard in his cell.

As per the reports from Brad Shepard on the Oh, You Didn’t Know Patreon, Sheamus should have been back in competition, already. His return was expected to happen during the WWE Draft that could have been a major surprise for the fans.

But that didn’t happen. At this point, his return looks to be in a held back state and nobody is sure why such a situation has occurred,

Being a former multi-time world champion, Sheamus deserves to get a grand comeback. So, perhaps WWE is waiting to debut him once again at the right moment and with the right storyline. This could be the only way to bring him back on the top spot for one last hurray for him.

Meanwhile, Sheamus is busy doing his workout sessions during his time away from the squared circle. He always stays in shape as seen in his Celtic Warrior Workouts YouTube channel. While speaking to E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, Sheamus told a story about how he tried to get bigger.

But Vince McMahon always wants his superstars to be in perfect shape. So he wanted the Irish man to do something about his bulked-up body. Perhaps, the below instance always works as inspiration for him,

“It also started because I came back from holidays in Ireland and me and Cesaro were walking by Vince and Vince goes, ‘hey Sheamus!’ I said, ‘yeah?’ He goes, ‘enjoyed the holidays, huh?’ and he was looking at me in the gut and I was like, ‘okay, that’s it. That’s it.

I need to do something about it.’ But that was the change in gear and Cesaro will tell you as well. Cesaro knew right away when that comment was made. I just put too much weight on, man.” (courtesy ringsidenews.com)

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