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For making better life, health tricks and tips you should try

Here are few hacks/tricks which I have tried and sharing my experience on each of them.

1: Food activities:

Caution: Be careful before you start these below habits and also do not do it in one go. Start with weekly once, twice per week, alternative days and then daily.

Below are few which I have tried and are working as per my knowledge.

1: Eat curry leaves (~10 leaves) with little jeera daily morning in empty stomach.

Benefits: Eyesight will improve and also white hair will be gone.

My experience: My eyesight improved and now I am not using my specs (I was having 0.75 cylindrical number) and there was moderate change in my hair color. Start with 3 or 5 leaves. you will feel uneasiness in the beginning.

For making better life, health tricks and tips you should try
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2: Drink honey daily morning empty stomach.

Benefits: Most of the sputum will come out like crazy.

Caution : Try to get original honey, any branded honey in my knowledge are fake.

My experience: It helped me a lot and removed most of my sputum from lungs.

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3: Eat or swallow garlic every morning: This helps in good blood circulation and also avoid heart related issues.

My experience: Caution Do not eat a full piece of Garlic at first go. It is too painful and I am not sure about the consequences. First day when I eat a small piece of garlic, my chest part started paining like anything, heavy pain, its like some one is standing on my chest, after 5 hours the pain reduced. When I googled the pain means I have a block somewhere in the arteries. As per Ayurveda this is one of the best practice to get rid of heart disease.

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Few things which I do.

1: Drink more water and start as soon as you wake up. How much water?? Until your urine turns to white from yellow color. Just make sure you are not dehydrated.

2: Try to use garlic, ginger, curry leaves, Jeera in most of your food items.

3: Surya Namaskara: Start with ten and gradually increase.

4: Running.

5: Away from social media, try to be ONLINE only when required or really feeling lonely

6: Read books.

Happy reading. But be cautious nothing comes free.

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