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Food items to eat before and after your workout sessions

Food items to eat before and after your workout sessions

19 Nov 2019

Staying healthy depends a great deal upon what and when you choose to eat.

And, this becomes extremely crucial before/after you exercise.

If you've decided to start working out, thumbs up for the idea. But you need to pair it with a healthy diet, to witness the best results.

Here are the best food items you should eat before and after your workout sessions.

Here are some general pre-workout diet tips


The foremost key before/during/post workout is to keep yourself well hydrated.

Further, make sure to take plenty of protein and carbohydrates before your workout session to improve your energy levels.

Also, maintain a time gap of 2-3 hours between your meal and workout. In case you are unable to maintain this time gap, eat an easily-digestible meal at least 40-45 minutes before working out.

These are the top pre-workout meal picks


Some of the best food items to have before your workout sessions are bananas, brown rice, roasted vegetables, boiled eggs, whole grain bread sandwich, apples, plain yogurt, oatmeal, and dry fruits, among others.

And now, some important post-workout eating tips


Do not deny yourself food for a long time, after finishing your workout session. It is extremely important to fill up soon after your session in order to restore your glycogen levels, build and repair micro damages in your muscles, and also keep up your metabolism.

Consuming carbohydrates and proteins 30 minutes after your exercise regime is considered ideal to avoid stomach discomfort.

Opt for these best post-workout food items


Some of the best, quick and healthy post-workout meal options include oatmeal with milk and fruits, a protein shake, whole wheat tortillas with hummus, Greek yogurt, salad filled with veggies, grilled chicken, and chocolate milk, among others.

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