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Focus on What You Want...

Don't you want to taste success?

You do. We all do. But how do we get there? The only way to get there is to work hard. If you have self-confidence, and a good work ethic then you would definitely reach there.

To boost your self-confidence, here are some quotes. Let's get going...

  • If doing your job makes you feel sated, then other people opinion don't matter. Keep on doing.
Focus on What You Want...
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  • People's behavior towards you will change the day you become successful. But it should not bother you anyway.
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  • You would never succeed, if you don't work hard to attain it. Never undervalue the hard work part.
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  • Put your brain first, then your heart. People often advice you to do other way around. Your brain would lead you to your destination.
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  • First fix your focus on what you want.
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  • Don't let your dream remain a dream. Work to make your dream come true.
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  • Lastly, 5 things to quit in life that would leave tremendous effect in your life at the end of the day.
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