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Flipkart to operate Essential services delivery

Flipkart to operate Essential services delivery

As per report temporarily suspending all of its operations and services during the coronavirus lockdown, retailer flipkart on wednesday said it will resume its grocery and essentials services post assurance from the government. There were massive disruptions on Day 1 of the 21-day lockdown as local authorities including police did not allow delivery boys to move around even harassed and beat them up.

kalyan Krishnamurthy, CEO flipkart Group, said that the government has given the company assurance to resume its essential services."We have been assured of the safe and smooth passage of our supply chain and delivery executives by local law enforcement authorities and are resuming our grocery & essentials services later today. krishnamurthy said in a statement. "We are very grateful for the clarification provided by the government and local state authorities on the functioning of e-commerce as ‘essential service' during the lockdown".

There were multiple reports of delivery boys being beaten up. social media users posted photos of some delivery boys with bruises on their bodies.An amazon spokesperson said that the company appreciates that the government has recognised ecommerce as essential to help citizens remain at home and maintain social distancing.

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