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Five-star hotel charged 442.50 rupees for 2 bananas from a bollywood actor

Five-star hotel charged 442.50 rupees for 2 bananas from a bollywood actor
Credit:- Rahul Bose/twitter

Recently, the bollywood actor Rahul Bose was staying at a five-hotel in the city beautiful Chandigarh. One day while he was working out at the gym he ordered two bananas. His order was delivered at the right time when he finished his workout. But when he saw the bill, he was shocked. The hotel charged him 442.50 for two normal sized bananas. 442.50 for two bananas, What the, OMG. He ordered two bananas and they charged him for the whole fruit platter.

Bananas he ordered / credit: Rahul Bose/twitter

Rahul Bose shared a video on his twitter account with caption; "You have to see this to believe it. Who said fruit wasn’t harmful to your existence? Ask the wonderful folks at @JWMarriottChd." In the he explained the situation and showed his disappointment towards the unreasonable prize charged by the hotel management.

The bill for bananas / credit: Rahul Bose/twitter

Of course, many people reacted to this bulls*** on twitter in their own angry, witty or in a concerned manner. Some people advised the actor to complain against this nonsense. What do you think about it, what would you have done in this type of situation. Please Share your opinion in the comment box.

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better if the government cancel the licences

10 Months ago


kya aam adami 5 start ke sapane dek nahi saakhta is desha me mehngahi itani ki kele price with gst [sly] accha hai bharse kele laakar 5star me de

10 Months ago

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