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Five modern meat shops to come up in city soon

Five modern meat shops to come up in city soon

Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 25

The Municipal Corporation will construct five modern and model meat shops in parts of the city soon. Work of modernisation of the existing slaughterhouse of the MC has been completed, according to officials.

Superintending Engineer HS Bhullar said the MC slaughterhouse would be inaugurated on Tuesday by Cabinet Minister Bharat Bhushan Ashu. “Five modern and model meat shops will be constructed in the city soon. Besides, five refrigerated vans will supply clean and hygienic poultry, mutton and pork meat and their byproducts to these modern shops in Ludhiana city,” he added.

The cost of modernisation of existing slaughterhouse is Rs 19.50 crore. “The objective of this project is to provide clean and hygienic slaughtering of animals and birds with the latest technology. This plant is well equipped for mechanised and automatic slaughtering of 250 sheep/goats (halal) and 250 sheep/goats (jhatka), and 75 pigs per shift of eight hours. It has a capacity of slaughtering 2,000 birds per hour (16,000 birds per shift of 8 hours),” said Bhullar.

The slaughterhouse will have an effluent treatment plant (ETP) equipped with the latest technology. It also has poultry preservation and chilling facility, and a separate blood-processing unit.

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