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Five Amazing Tips To Impress a Girl

Hi friends, Impressing people by simple tricks is easy. Crack a few jokes, share a couple of stories and people go ‘wow’! But this doesn’t last very long. To make a bigger and long lasting impression on someone (especially a girl you’ve been eyeing) takes time and A LOT of efforts.

  1. Be Natural
Five Amazing Tips To Impress a Girl

Putting on a fake persona is not going to help in any way because girls like straight forward guys who are clear and blunt about their thoughts. You must always be who you are to make her realize that you are honest and not someone whom she can never trust.

2. Be Confident, But Humble


Girls love a guy who knows how to take charge of his life. If you know exactly what you want and how you need to get to it, then that definitely is a plus point for you. But in that process, don’t end up being over confident or a ‘know-it-all’ because that is big NO! Nobody likes an arrogant guy.

3. Be Suggestive Not Loud In Your Approach

Don’t try to be loud, as if you are screaming for attention. There might be some girls who like attention-grabbing men but overall, being able to magnetize attention towards yourself without seeming that you are trying too hard is best approach. Thus, when you are talking on the phone, be soft spoken but hold your phone is such a manner that its brand worthiness is clearly visible. Similarly, you might be driving a premium car but rather than shouting about it over the phone, let the branded keychain hang and announce itself in a subtle manner.

4. Be Open To Family Talks

Some guys are known to completely avoid any kind of a discussion regarding their family. Girls on the other hand love discussing about their families. So if you shut her out from your personal zone, she might feel like you’re not interested in letting her be a part of your personal intimate life.

5. Talk About Interests


Tell her things that you like, but more importantly, ask her about her likes and dislikes. Show her that you’re interested in her life and beliefs. But remember to keep it casual and not make it look like an interrogation setting.

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