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First kiss at the age of 11, now happy to be a mother of 3 children in the same year

First kiss at the age of 11, now happy to be a mother of 3 children in the same year
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Hot actress Sunny Leone, who has been recognized as an item girl in Bollywood films, had many ups and downs in her life. Nevertheless, hse made her mark in Bollywood today after facing every difficulty. Who achieved this position in Bollywood with hard work and honesty.

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First kiss at the age of 11

By the way, Sunny Leone is known for her bold and hot avatar in films today. But do you know when Sunny Leone did it for the first time. Sunny herself once told the media that she had inadvertently tightened a boy. After which she came and cried a lot then she was just 11 years old.

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Now happy to be mother of 3 children in one year

But today Sunny Leone is busy working in films and spending her married life. Who married Daniel Weber, living in the USA in 2011. However, now Sunny has not given birth to a single child from her womb.

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Yet today she is the mother of three children. Who adopted a daughter Nisha from Maharashtra. After a few months, through surrogacy, Sunny again became the mother of two twin sons, Ashar and Noh. Meaning that Sunny Leone became a mother of three children in the same year.

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