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Feta Testing: Business Journalist Turned Cheese Maker Now Delivers

Feta Testing: Business Journalist Turned Cheese Maker Now Delivers
Masque, Olive and Lovefools get their buffalo milk cheese from Casa del Cheese.

When you're used to being in front of the camera, you probably say 'cheese' a lot. So much, in fact, that it's all you can think about.

This happened to broadcast journalist Dhvani Desai who now runs Casa del Cheese, a delivery service that specialises in making buffalo milk cheese. While working at business channels like ET Now and Bloomberg, Dhvani covered the entrepreneurship beat for years; the inevitable outcome of this was for her to switch over to the start-up side, which as many of you know, is also the dark side. Kidding. Not.

"By this time, I was already experimenting with cheese making at home," says Dhvani, who then attended several cheese making courses in Conoor and Austria and Hungary, which probably explains why she listens to Hungarian music while making feta. She then returned home to experiment and spent Sundays at Kavita Mukhi's Farmers' Market, getting feedback and often going back to the drawing board.

It was in 2018 when Casa del Cheese really matured, acquiring a kitchen in Borivili, and supplying to restaurants like Masque, Olive, Birdsong Cafe, and supper kitchen, Lovefools. Dhvani sources buffalo milk from a family-run farm in Vasai, which she uses to make feta, goat cheese, and her special chevre-style disc shaped cheeses that are creamy, slightly tangy and coated in organic lavender / black sesame seeds / chilli flakes / moringa, depending on which one you order. "These taste wonderful with warm toast and olive oil," the Buffalo soldier tells us.

Casa del Cheese isn't available at any gourmet stores, but they home deliver, and also offer olives, organic pickled sundried tomatoes, multi-grain crackers and preservative-free lavash so you don't have to make a separate super market trip for snacks. Grate!

PS: Coming up this year: cheese making workshops and a major scaling up plan with an all-India launch.

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