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Fact Check: Has NASA Confirmed Navagraha's Perfect Alignment On 5th April At 9pm?

People all over social media are talking about how NASA has confirmed the Navagraha will be in perfect alignment on 5th April. Find the fact about it here

Fact Check: Has NASA Confirmed Navagraha's Perfect Alignment On 5th April At 9pm?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a video message on Friday, April 3, urged the people of the nation to light candles and lamps on April 5, at 9 pm for 9 minutes to dispel the darkness spread by COVID-19 pandemic.

The prime minister's request led to a flood of forwards on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter and one such forward talked about how, on the same day at the same time, all the nine planets will be perfectly aligned in the cosmos and this will help us in fighting off the deadly coronavirus outbreak. Read more to get to the truth of this matter:


The message states that on April 5, 2020, all the nine planets or Navagraha, will be in perfect alignment and adds that this has been confirmed by the NASA as well. It is also being said that if a person chants Hanuman Stotra, Panduranga Ashtakam, Sheetla Devi Stotram, and Kalbhairava Ashtakam, they will be safe from coronavirus.

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Google Trends and the rumour

After social media platforms were hit with the rumours that NASA has confirmed the planetary alignment, Indians started their own research with the help of Google. The search trend for the word 'Navagraha' skyrocketed after this fake forward.

The word was searched the most in the state of Karanataka, followed by Andhra Pradesh, and then Tamil Nadu. People also started to search for Panduranga Ashtakam and Sheetla Devi Stotram on internet. People are also considering Navagraha Aradhana to save themselves from COVID-19 due to the rumours, which is quite evident from Google Trends’ stats. Take a look.


Republic World did a fact check on NASA’s Planetary alignment news

  • After Republic World did a fact check on the Navagraha alignment message and its NASA connection, it came to the conclusion that the forwards are indeed fake.
  • NASA has not confirmed any such news regarding Navagraha alignment.
  • The closest NASA has come to, regarding planets, in recent time, is that Venus will be passing by a star cluster known as the Pleiades and it will be a ‘brilliant view’.


  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly
  • Use hand sanitizer as much as possible after coming in contact with foreign objects
  • Maintain social distancing as much as possible, even with your loved ones
  • Avoid touching your face

NOTE: India has been observing a 21-day lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. People are requested that they stay indoors as much as possible and avoid travelling. Only go out for buying essential items and for emergency purposes. Everyone should be responsible and take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. Avoid spreading fake news and rumours during such a situation. Visit the authority if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

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