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Fact Check: Did Prime Minister Of Italy Announce Surrender To Coronavirus?

Fact check: Recently, news about the Italian Prime Minister surrendering to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic had surfaced on the internet, but they are false.

Fact Check: Did Prime Minister Of Italy Announce Surrender To Coronavirus?

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has evidently sent a scare down the people's lives across the globe. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has shown an exponential number of cases in Italy, where the total number of cases are now nearing 75,000 with over 7,000 reported deaths. Amidst the conundrum and paranoia, fake news about the situations in Italy have surfaced on the internet. Now, a new rumour is suggesting that Italy has surrendered to the Coronavirus pandemic as all their resources have exhausted.

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Claim -

The viral post is suggesting that the Italian Prime Minister has announced Italy's surrender to the Coronavirus outbreak. The fake news suggests that Italy has lost control over the pandemic and thus given up on the chance of flattening the Virus' curve. The false news also suggests that Italy has officially lost its control on the pandemic.

Rating -

No evidence suggests that the following message was conveyed by the Italian Prime Minister thus the information is False.

Origin -

The fake news first started going around on social media platforms like Twitter, where netizens shared posts about Italy's surrender to the coronavirus pandemic. After that, various WhatsApp forwards were also suggesting that Italy has announced its surrender. But, none of those claims holds any credibility.

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Google Trends analysis of Italy's surrender to the coronavirus pandemic

As the fake news about Italy's surrender to the coronavirus pandemic started going around the internet. Various netizens were quick to search about the same and the search volumes showed an upward spike. Check it out below -

Image courtesy - Google Trends

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Many netizens were quick to share the fake news of Italy surrendering to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Some netizens also asked their local authorities to reflect upon the scenarios in Italy without cross-checking whether the news was fake or no. The photo going around the internet states that the comments were made the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, but instead showcases the photo of the Italian President Sergio Mattarella. Nor the Italian Prime Minister, nor the President has made any comments about surrendering to the Coronavirus pandemic, instead have been overtly vocal about their fight with the outbreak. Thus, the news about the Italian Prime Minister surrendering to the coronavirus pandemic is absolutely fake.

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