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Extraordinary thoughts by H.G. Wells which will change your life !

Extraordinary thoughts by H.G. Wells which will change your life !
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British writer Herbert George Wells, better known as H.G. Wells, was born on September 21, 1866. Today we are going to share some beautiful thoughts by him and will explain their deepest meanings.

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As it is clear,if we look at our past again and again then we will never be able to make our present great thus our future will be more devastating than our past. So concentrate to make your present beautiful.

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There is no significance of life without hope.Each and everyone in this world is living under the shadow of hopes.But sometimes "hopes" get converted into "greed" which can never be fulfilled.

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Have you ever been thrilled and excited to fill and drink a glass of water.Anwser is NO ! Because you know it is easy and there is nothing special in it,you do it everyday ! But have you ever climbed Mount everest to fetch a bottle of water placed at top ? That bottle of water will taste something special. It is the same water but getting it by an impossible way makes it interesting. Make life interesting by doing something so called "impossible".

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Never be a mixture of two personalities discover the real you,invoke the purity in you. Don't get corrupted in this distressing world.Don't change your thoughts and views according to people, and at last "Your life is your life,none of anyone's else life".

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