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English Words Which Are Misused By Most Indians!


English Words Which Are Misused By Most Indians!
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This is something we have inherited from our colonial past. This is outdated English word not usually used by most English speakers today. Currently, people in English origin countries (America and England) employ this word only for the deprived human. Most usually, the common and modern English phraseology would be: "Could you do what's needed/necessaryplease?"


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Passed Out

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Pass out' must be used for faint or die. But some people use it even after passing a bachelor's degree. See the example below:

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Anyway Not Anyways

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This is the most common mistakes by Indians.It should be 'Anyway' not 'Anyways'. Because the word 'Anyways' is part of non-standard or informal 'English'. So, the correct word is Anyway.

Anyway, maybe he decided not to come back.(Right Usage).

Anyways, maybe he decided not to come back.(Wrong Usage)

According To Me

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Most people use this part of a sentence for themselves, which is a wrong usage. W should always use this part for the other person and not for yourself.

For Example: 

According to him, the rain will be delayed (Right Usage).

According to me, the rain will be delayed (Wrong Usage).

Rather, we should say 'In my point of view' or 'As per my point of view'

For Example: In my point of view, Varun is saying correct. (Right Usage)

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Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........an article in UC written in correct English imparting knowledge on English. Quite exceptional and great at the same time....

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according to him, it is quite usefull for other authors... 💌👍

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Finally a post which imparts knowledge in the right manner. Keep it up!

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