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Empty stomach should not be consumed by these 5 things, otherwise it will be harm

People are becoming aware of health in today's time. And in the morning the hungry stomach likes to eat healthy things. But there are many people who are hungry stomachs who eat things that should not be eaten. That's why we are telling you today that what you should not be consumed with hungry stomach.

Empty stomach should not be consumed by these 5 things, otherwise it will be harm
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1.Good stomach never drinks coffee. Because coffee contains high amounts of caffeine, which can also cause acid, gastric, stomach ache. Eat something before drinking coffee. So you will not have stomach problems.

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2. Most people are so fond of eating spicy fried things that they even ate in the morning. But the morning starving stomach not only causes your digestive system to get worse. Rather it raises the problem of gas. The consumption of spicy foods can also cause a tinge in the stomach.

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3. Drinking gourd cottage fruits or drinking juice can have harmful effects on health. But if you want to drink sour fruit juice hungry stomach then drink juice by mixing equal quantity with water.

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4. By the way, alcohol, smoking, tobacco is very harmful for health. But the consumption of hungry stomach alcohol causes very harm to the heart, liver, kidneys.

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5. Chewing gum stomach chewing gum can cause gas problems. Chewing gum stomach chewing gums also cause damage to the gums. In addition Cheungam should not chew more than 10 minutes.

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