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Eat this thing every night and your body will become stronger

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Eat this thing every night and your body will become stronger
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Friends, if you want to overcome weakness and build a strong body, then read this news till the end. Friends, many people go to remove weakness and take medicines to make the body strong, but today I will show you how to be strong without medicines.

Consuming medicines only causes harm to the body. Therefore, you should never resort to medicines to overcome weakness or to become stronger. If you want to become strong, then eat radish seeds daily with curd.

By its use, the body becomes strong and the muscles are strengthened. Apart from this, bones are also very strong and the body also becomes steely.

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wats the radish seed called in Kannada or Telugu?

1 Months ago


Looks like ground nut

20 Days ago


i no understanding ma english properly 🤣🤣🤣🤣 use cake app you dumb shit!! doesnt even noe hindi and tryna translate it in English!! or ma y i say yanglish in kannada ra!!🤣🤣🤣

21 Days ago

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