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Due to Corona, this actress granted leave to her maid, now she is seen plucking vegetables

Right now the outbreak of corona virus is raining all over the world. The whole world is in danger due to this global epidemic. Every country is taking drastic measures to deal with this disease. Countries like America, Spain, France, China are not far behind in this matter. At the same time, India has also locked down several states so far to prevent the spread of the corona virus and has asked people to stay away from other people for some time and stay at home.

Due to Corona, this actress granted leave to her maid, now she is seen plucking vegetables
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For this reason, even big celebrities have granted leave to the people working at their home and have said that until the corona virus is completely eradicated in India, you stay at your home. Bollywood's famous actress Mouni Roy has also done this. Mouni Roy was earlier known on the TV industry but after making her debut with Akshay Kumar in the film 'Gold', she is now recognized as a Bollywood actress.

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Mouni Roy is currently seen in the film 'Romeo Akbar Walter' with John Abraham. Her role in this film is going to be very special, but for the time being we will talk about the personal life of Mouni Roy in this article. Mouni Roy has granted leave to her housemaid because of corona virus, due to which she has to do all the household chores herself.

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Recently, Mouni Roy shared some pictures on her Instagram account in which she reached out to pluck vegetables in the garden and after plucking the vegetables she looked very happy and you can see in these pictures. By the way, along with sharing the pictures, she told people that be clean, stay healthy and keep distance from people.

Source: Mouni Roy Instagram

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