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Due to Corona, these 4 actresses cannot come to India! No.4 is bored

The whole world is living under the fear of corona virus. In such a situation, many Indian people are still stranded outside in another country. And just like this 4 actress of acting world you are not able to come in the country. And public curfew has been imposed in India, so the arrival of everyone has been banned.

4- Aditi Bhatia

Actress Aditi Bhatia was seen playing the role of Ruhi Bhalla in Ekta Kapoor's TV show 'Ye Hai Mohabbatein'. And due to the increasing infection of Corona, rail and air travel in India has been stopped till 31 March. In such a situation, Aditi is trapped in Los Angeles, USA.

Due to Corona, these 4 actresses cannot come to India! No.4 is bored
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3- Aashka Goradiya

Actress Aashka Goradia was married to a foreign businessman, but today when she is in dire need of her country, she is trapped abroad due to corona virus.

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2- Shama Alexander

Actress Shama Sikander recently shared her photo above a building. And in which the whole design of her background is made like a foreign country. That is why she is not able to come to her country India.

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1- Monali Thakur

The correct information of information should tell you that Monali Thakur is not in her house but in another country. Where Monali has been very bored sitting for 4 or 5 days.

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Friends, keep your faith in God because one is the only one who can eliminate big disease like corona from this world. Today, crores of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians are praying to their God.

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monali thakur is actress.....shame on you than madrasachap

6 Days ago


shamma jalta Raha mera hilta raha shamma bhuj gaya to mera ... usme ghus gaya

5 Days ago


please don't let them ever come to India they will spread corona virus

5 Days ago

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