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Dr. K Sivan gave a big statement about Chandrayaan-2

Dr. K Sivan gave a big statement about Chandrayaan-2
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Even all attempts to establish contact with the lunar lander Vikram went in vain, ISRO Chairman K.K. Sivan on Saturday called the Chandrayaan 2 mission a major success and said it helped map the entire Lustar surface with great accuracy and detail.

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He said- “Three mission stages were successfully completed at an altitude of 300 meters above the lunar surface. It validates all new technology elements including navigation sensors and propulsion. Except soft-landing, all other technologies are valid. Innovation is not only a great idea on paper. A great idea on paper is just a great idea, but nothing more. Innovation comes from very high levels of risk and failure.

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The most important rocket scientist also referred to Gaganyaan, stating that the country was heading for the crew to go on a spacecraft mission. “Gaganyaan is extremely important for India as it will boost the science and technological capabilities of the country. By December 2020, we will have the first unmanned mission to manned space flight. And we are targeting another by July 2021. By December 2021, the first Indian will be carried by our own rocket. ISRO is working on it, ”he said. Space technology was a medium to fast track the development of the country. “It was a crazy idea to launch a space program in a country like India in the 1960s. But Vikram Sarabhai foresees the potential of space technology in transforming India, ”Dr. Sivan mentioned.

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No doubt on the capability of isro.but it should not harmed by a manhoos who was present that night at isro.His was there only to celebrate the success of isro by his bootlicking media but not to console isro chief or their staff for the failure.If isro was 100% succeeded in soft landing of vikram then there were 99% praises for the feku only by the dalal media and only 1% for the real hero k shivan and his entire team.

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Yeh manhoos kaun hai

23 Days ago

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Welldon shiva sir

24 Days ago

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