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Don’t do this: This new viral ‘skull breaker’ challenge on TikTok could damage your brain!

Don’t do this: This new viral ‘skull breaker’ challenge on TikTok could damage your brain!

Social media is full of bizarre things and challenges that joined the masses to participate in. One such hilarious and dangerous challenge has surfaced the Internet which is now viral on all platform i.e. ‘skull breaker’.

Without thinking about its consequences people are actively participating altogether and also shared their videos by attempting the challenge.

Even after several warnings against the challenge people are stopping themselves to accept the challenge.

The Skullbreaker challenge got its name from the Spanish word Rompcráneos. When translated, it means ‘Skull breaker’ in English.

This challenge is specially performed by school students actively and filmed themselves doing so. However, people are doing this challenge without any precautions.

In this menacing challenge, one person has to stand in between the two people and then they count to three and have to jump. As the middle person land, the other two kick the feet so that the person crashes to the ground.

See video:

This dangerous challenge could affect your brain, back and even leave you injured badly. According to the reports of Mirror, the Police of Granada has issued a warning stating that the stunt is extremely dangerous.

Previously, many deadly challenges have surfaced the Internet which has taken a life of many people like blue whale challenge, momo challenge, kiki challenge, ice bucket challenge, etc.

So, don't try this anywhere because it can hit you hard!

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First published: 15 February 2020, 17:02 IST
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