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Dog Dies Suddenly After Common Mistake Now All Dog Owners Have To Know This

We often look for the internet to get away from everyday life. Funny stories and clips that show wonderful dogs and cats - entertainment that refreshes the mind.

But we also need other types of stories.

The goal is not to be sad - but rather to help us keep our pets safe and healthy.

Unfortunately, for a dog owner, a mistake at home became fatal, and she was forced to say goodbye to her best friend at an early age.

Christina Young's beloved dog, Petey, died after a "mistake" that most of us make - and continue to do in our homes every day.

Now that she has realized how easily this can be avoided, she wants to alert all pet owners.

Dog Dies Suddenly After Common Mistake Now All Dog Owners Have To Know This
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When Christina came home one day, she expected to greet her dog Petey as usual. He was always running toward her, wagging his tail - eager to hug and play.

But instead, she walked into a quiet house and her boyfriend, Christian, gave her devastating news.

"When [Christian] came looking for him, he saw thevdog lying lifeless with a packet of potato chips attached to his head. He ate the whole potato and kept looking for more ... which made the wrapper catch on his head ... resulting in choking. "

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Happens more often than you think

Christina could not understand how this could have happened. Why did not Petey take the bag of chips from his head with his paws? He was an extremely intelligent dog.

But she has discovered what few know - that pets are suffocated by plastic bags more often than we think.

Now she wants to alert everyone to keep packages of chips, popcorn and other out of the reach of pets. They can pose a serious threat to our beloved animals.

"From 3 to 5 animal suffocations happen every week and 42% of them occur while the owner is close. It only takes about 3 minutes for the oxygen to drop to fatal levels. With this happening so often, we were surprised by the lack of awareness on the subject, "writes Christina on Facebook .

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Personally, I've never heard of it and it's pretty scary that something as seemingly harmless as an empty bag of potato chips could have such unimaginable consequences.

Christina and Christian are now interested in raising awareness, so that something good can come from this tragedy.

Want to help raise awareness

"So I just ask that, in honor of my boy Petey, you be extremely careful, tell the owners of other dogs and give your babies some extra love today and every day after that. I pray none of you will ever have to experience what I have experienced. We love you, Petey and we will remember our good moments forever'' writes Christina in Facebook

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To remind Petey, please share this story to warn everyone about this hidden danger at home.

Together, we can all help prevent such things from happening before it's too late!

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