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Do you know cinnamon is very useful in skin care and hair care

Cinnamon is mostly used to enhance the taste of food. It is also used in weight loss. But do you know that cinnamon is equally useful in skin care and hair care? Cinnamon is very beneficial for your skin because it contains antioxidant and anti fungal properties that enhance your beauty.

Do you know cinnamon is very useful in skin care and hair care
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Let's see some important benefits of cinnamon-

1) Helping to blonde hair –

If you want to paint your hair red, then start using cinnamon. Make cinnamon powder, then make a paste of it and apply to hair and let it stay for few hours. Afterwards wash it with water. It can also be used with shampoo and conditioner.

2) Use as a scrub -

You can use cinnamon as a scrub. This will keep your skin shiny. Mix the salt in the cinnamon powder and then make a paste and put it on the face. After some time leave it like this and then wash it with water. By doing so you will get rid of the dead cells of the skin and your skin will look attractive and shiny.

3) Use as a makeup -

If you want a golden touch in your makeup, use cinnamon. You mix it with your foundation or powder and use it . This will give a beautiful touch to your makeup.

4) Make as a Lip balm -

You can prepare lip balm at home using cinnamon. Add coconut oil to cinnamon powder for this. Mix it well. Now put this balm on your lip. Using it for a few days your torn lips will become soft.

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